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The Merits Of Kurdistan To Be An Independent State In Terms Of International Law And Constitutional Law

All of the nations on the suface of earth is dreamingto an independnent state. Majority of Kurds in Iraqi Kurdistan (with all of the minorities) are aiming to spend their life within an independent democratic state with its soverginity. Kurds have a great responsibility to work hard to get independent state, since the majority of the Kurdistan shaped form the Kurds. This is not mean that when an independent state declared on the soil of Kurds, other minorities will be marginalized. Kurds need to earn the trust of the minorities as it has been clear since 1991 up to now, Kurds were protected moniroties right in Kurdistan region. they are no different btween a Kurd and a minority in terms of rights and law, but all of them have coexisted peacefully with having the same right and responsibility. This environment would leads to get the trust by the minorities if we would have a democratic system in the future Kurdistan state. Keywords- independent, kurdistan, constitution law, iraqi law, rights.