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A Field Survey on Accounting Role, Different Methods And Its Applications In The Automotive Industry

Accounting role in different industries is important more than ever, due to the science and technology mutation and increase the amount of calculations. Nowadays, accounting cannot be ignored in massive industries such as oil and gas, energy, civil and mining. According to market demands, automotive industries increased their productions strongly, and they enter to a new phase of competition with other brands. Therefore, automotive industry needs to certified accountants to perform financial calculations in numerous fields. According to the importance to this issue, this article attempts to investigate accounting role, different methods and its applications in the automotive industry; finally, it helps for selection of suitable solution according to existing conditions. In this regard, different methods which produced by experts and certified accountants investigated, to select a method wit desirable and effective application. Some of these proposed methods are suitable for academic presentations only, and they donít have implementation capabilities. Sometimes, decisions and influencing factors become very complex, so accountant responsibility is more critical in this position. Accountant should have wide viewing in the areas such as economic, environment, industry and even social interactions. Therefore, the goal of this article is investigating affecting factors and different methods of accounting, in order to be useful for accountants in the automotive industry. Key words- Accounting role, Accounting application, Different methods of accounting, automotive industry