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Impact of Information Technology in Evolution of Traditional Accounting To Modern Accounting

Information technology development has many irrefutable effects in all the areas of human life, and leads to advance in all of these areas. The aim of information technology is facilitating life. In the age of trade and competition between the companies, lack of up-to-date technologies leads to end of competition for the mentioned companies; accounting and accounting systems are not the exception from this rule. The transition from manual applications states to electrical and intelligent technologies is the turning point of information technology usage. Accounting career is one of the most important and sensitive jobs in each organization, company or institution, without a doubt. Rapid mutation of information technology, persuade managers of small and large companies to apply modern technologies and applications for their accountants and auditors to continue their progress. According to massive and growing volume of accounting calculations, traditional systems are incapable in accurate and timely perform calculations; so, use of modern systems of accounting is the only way. Information technology impacts on accounting systems can be investigated in terms of quantitative and qualitative. Advantages of these modern systems are save time and money, improved performance and accuracy and help the environment due to no need to paper. Furthermore, quicker and better decisions of managers are the result of performing quicker accounting calculations. The goal of this paper is surveying on information technologies in the evolution of accounting. Keywords- Modern Accounting Systems, Information Technology