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Socialand Culture Contextstowards Waysof Livingin Pattana Soi Ranong Klang Community,Dusit District, Bangkok

This research aimed to study the characteristics of a community in the social, economical, cultural context and way of life. This research used interviews and surveys members in PatthanaSoiRanongklang community, Dusit District, Bangkok. The results are as follows: In terms of overall conditions and characteristic, PatthanaSoiRanongklang community is located on the property of Treasury Department. 50 years ago the location of this community consisted of paddy fields with limited convenience in terms of transportation. Rama V Road was only a small narrow road with only three-wheelers and no buses. The majority of community members moved in from Makkhawanrangsan Bridge. Thus, most community members were either workers or government officials as they as of the land were not the owne. Therefor, there were no primary occupations within these 7 acres of the community. The development of the community started in 1981. At present, the community is continuously being developed and modernization is rapidly flowing in One of the reasons was because main roads were amended, especially Rama V Road that allows more convenient transportation, leading to heightened citizensí convenience. In thems of the economy and society, Rama V Road causes the research found out that the development and expansion of change in the conditions of the area and buildings. Some building were improved and changed along the time, as well as the development of new facilities that cause the community members to continually become more materialistic. In the community started to Jobs with appear, and areas were improved to allow for new building and housing businesses. The trend of jobs become more in variety, in terms of both jobs at home, such as workers, merchandizing and small own businesses, and the community jobs outside, which became much more convenient as car drivers and used to the narrows roads inside the community. The location of the community next to Rama V Road also allows help from government agencies to reach the community with ease. Moreover, welfare of the community was well taken care of by the community committee. In terms of education, the research found that there are two schools: watPracharabuedham School and WatNoiNoppakun School that are providing education within the community. The majority of the community received Bachelor degrees. In areas of culture, the research found that the culture, traditions and beliefs of people in the community were mainly transferred from the old community, majority are Bhuddists especially beliefs in Bhuddism the main reason is because the old community was situated near WatMakutKasattriyaram. Therefore, the community members have always had Bhuddist temples as the centre of the community. In later years, more citizens moved along culture in and bring, traditions and beliefs with them. The community meebers also took part in building a Dharma hall named WatDuang Jai 72 yeareRanongKlang. Adhere to since Traditions that community members merit making and Songkran Tradition establishment of the community are the New Year Keywords: Social Capital, PatthanaSoiRanongklang community, Way of Life.