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Efficient Management Of Renewable Solar Energy For Vehicular Applications

Modern autonomous power systems (APSs) involves the control of alternative energy sources such as solar panels with intermittent power production; interaction with traditional energy generation (using petroleum gas); and management of energy storage and consumption. A hybrid electrical vehicle (HEV) is a good example of an APS. The system configuration of an APS is often complex due to the mix of energy generations and desire to optimize the utilization of the renewable energy. Due to increasing usages of sensors, the amount of data needs to be processed multiplies significantly. The fact that a large amount of data must be processed within a very short period of time makes the APSs very challenging. In this paper, we introduce an efficient management (monitoring and controlling) system of renewable solar energy for automotive applications. We develop a simulation programs using VisualSim software package to analyze the proposed energy management system. The simulated APS for HEV consists of renewable solar energy and conventional fuel energy. We consider various wired and wireless communication mediums including controller area network (CAN) bus, FlexRay, and Bluetooth in this study. Simulation results suggest that CAN bus outperforms FlexRay and Bluetooth. The simulation results due to solar panels are compared with results from a real solar plant to validate our work. We find the proposed energy manage system easy, fast, and reliable to assess different components of autonomous power systems. Index Terms´┐ŻAutonomous power system, hybrid electrical vehicle, microcontroller, simulation, VisualSim.