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The Business Strategy Analysis To Gain Competitive Advantage In Logistics Industry

The aim of this study is to analyze a business strategy of Global Jet Express as a startup company in logistic industry in Indonesia. Global Jet Express Indonesia established since end of 2015, which as one of subsidiary of China Oppo smartphone group. The method in this research used qualitative method, with in-depth interviews and FGD (Focus Group Discussion) of the respondents were considered to have experiences and knowledge in the field of delivery services business. The analysis of business strategy formulation used competitive advantage strategy that compared with 3 similiar logistics, they are DHL, JNE and Si Cepat. The analysis consist three stages: the first stage is an Input Stage, the second stage is the Matching Stage and the last stage is Decision Stage. The results showed that the business strategy of J & T has the strength in the field of information technology and lack of proffesional personnel also few of drop point. Based on the analysis of alternative strategies QSPM formulated, Global Jet Express should be use Strategy 1 "Optimize the customer service, Emphasis to promote Global Jet Express brand with Pick-up Service, create the brand image ". Keywords: Business Strategy, Start up, Global Jet Express, QPSM strategy