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The Optimizationanalysis of The Throttlevalveshaft Shape in The Intake System of Engine

In the modern, the automobile is already an essential means of transportation for every household. However, the automobile has brought convenience to people and caused various kinds of pollution to the environment. Such as air pollution, noise pollution. This paper focuses on the reduction of noise by reducing the vibration. As the driver of the car, the most important comfort, while the driver during the operation, the car will produce a variety of noise to affect our living environment. Car noise mainly includes internal noise and external noise. The internal noise is mainly generated by the engine parts. In this paper, we mainly study the engine intake system butterfly valve shaftshape optimization. By changing the shaftshape of the butterfly valve to change the production of air vortex to reduce the generation of vibration, thereby reducing the noise. In this paper, we can change the butterfly valve shaft shape to reduce the air eddy beside the valve for the noise reduction. So we set the butterfly valve through the ANSYS program. Use the analysis of ANSYS FLUENT program to find the optimization shaft shape for intake system noise reduction. In this source of the discussion, we can change the butterfly valve shaft shape to rectangular shaft, circular shaft,hexagonalshaft. So we simulated the velocity and pressor of these three shaft shapes to analyze the cavitation generated around the butterfly valve shaft shape to find the optimal shaft shape for noise reduction. Key word- Butterfly valve shaft shape, Noise reduction, ANSYS program, Optimization.