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Language and Literature The Joy of Reading The Four Giants of English Literature

To understand the four Giants of English Literature is not easy as it involves in-depth and detailed insight into their work making the entire exercise a complex phenomenon. All four were simple and sensitive individuals who wrote without fear or favor. We need to use both our head and heart judiciously to have a better understanding of the great works of William Shakespeare, John Milton, William Words Worth and TS Elliot. Shakespeare�s understanding of human nature is reflected in his eloquent speeches. Milton�s courage of tackling Politics religion by the complex power of language is admirable .Wordsworth�s passionate love of nature and concern for human freedom and Eliot�s daring innovation and enduring search for peace, amidst chaos of modern life make them endearing to their readers . It is not difficult to feel their presence in their writings with their distinct style, vision and treatment of language. They attained greatness because they changed world for better with their masterpieces. These mortal men immortalized themselves with their genius and entered the hall of literary fame with panache. They are gone but their work will continue to impact the destiny of mankind. They do not belong to any country or age, but to humanity at large. Their writings connect them with men and women young and old rich and poor alike. Index Item- Joy of reading, Poetic genius, Managing contradiction, Immortal Work , Romantic Triumph.