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Relationship Between Physical Activity And Frequency of Fast Food Consumption With Obesity Status Among Officer Employee At Pakuwon City Surabaya

Obesity is currently become a global problem. Prevalence of this increased not only in developed countries but also in developing countries. On the environment as the cause of fatness, food consumption (fruits and vegetables, food fatty) and physical activity play a very important role. The purpose of this research is to know the correlation between physical activity, the frequency of consumption fast food with obesity status of the Pakuwon City�s employees, Surabaya. This research used observational with the design of cross sectional. The sample are Pakuwon City�s employees (Project Department) as many as 38 respondents consisted of 35 men and 25 women. Instrument to take of data used a questionnaire, qualitative form FFQ modification, IPAQ questionnaire for physical activity, form recall activuty a day, weights of scale and microtoise. The result of this research respondents who underweight about 2,6%, whose normal weight about 57,9%, whose obesity status in the category at risk about 13,2%. Then who are obese 1 about 21,1% and who are obese 2 about 5,3%. From Spearman Correlation test showed that there is a correlation between physical activity with obesity status ( p = 0,00 r = -0.607). There was a correlation between the frequency of fast food consumption with obesity status ( p = 0,00 r = 0,789). The advice for employees whose obesity are hoped to reduce the frequency of fast food consumption, increase the physical activity especially sports when a holiday and for the company is expected to hold health check up and routine counseling on health and nutrition once a month. Keywords- physical activity, fast food consumption, obesity status