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Techniques of Engineering for The Improvement of The Productivity in The Smes of Santo Domingo, Ecuador

The development of a methodology for the work organization in the Company Master Plant, which enables the identification of existing productive reserves and thus a consequent improvement of the indicators of labor productivity, is the objective of the present investigation. To achieve it a process adapted to the conditions of the object of practical study, which from a holistic approach allowed the realization of analysis for the proposed organization of work. The main results can be highlighted the following: the existence of a waste of working time 15% primarily determined by wasting time in the day, just as it was possible to identify the limiting process capability of Prostageron, as well as problems associated with noise, vibration, lighting and ventilation were identified, although there are no major problems that could harm the health of workers. Finally labor productivity was increased in 35.42% compared with the analysis developed linked to the detected limited capacity, while in this first analysis for field observation can indicate the possibility of a production increase of 327%. Keywords- Work organization, productive reserves, labor productivity, working conditions.