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Gazi Primary School; Status After Fire, an Investigation on Performed Restoration and Reconstruction Works

Only the outer walls of the historical building used as Zafer Primary School which is located in Karaağa� Neighborhood, map section 25.30.D.C and block 655 parcel 5 in Uşak city center were able to surviveafter the fire. The necessary permissions and approvals were taken from the Directorate of Regional Directorate of Conservation of Cultural Assets of K�tahya and it was decided for the restoration of the surviving outer walls and reconstruction of the inner parts.According to the signed protocol between the contractor and the Provincial Directorate of National Education, it was decided the rough construction and inner walls to be fulfilled by the Provincial Directorate of National Education and the next stage, trim works to be financed and fulfilled by the constructor (benefactor). Post-fire surveying, restoration and static projects and after restoration pictures and information about the building are included in this study. The connection details between the outer shell and the inner structure have been examined. Index Terms- Historical buildings, reconstruction, restoration, survey