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Quality Function Deploymentas A Methodology For Quality Improvement In Engineering Education In An Indian Context

India has witnessed a mushroom growth of engineering colleges in last decade. The educational quality of these self-funded private engineering colleges is unconvincing. This paper has identified various research problems in newly opened engineering colleges in India. It is also observed that all stakeholders of engineering education system are not actively involved while designing the system. The important stakeholders are identified and their inputs are collected which are called as Voice of Customers (VOC). Further, Quality Function Deployment methodology is used to translate these VOCs’ to operations requirements. This paper provides an effective and practical methodology for addressing and meeting actual lacunae in the technical education system. Only by identifying and implementing value-adding key operations we could continuously improve service quality by meeting stakeholders’ requirements. Keywords - QFD, service quality, technical education, quality improvement, voice of customers, house of quality, service planning, element planning, operations planning