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Toward an Understanding of Phraseological Units and Pragmatic Functions in Research Articles

This paper presents a combination of corpus-based approach and qualitative analysis in creating a list of phrase logical units useful for writing for publication. A corpus of research articles published in journals indexed in the Thai Citation Index (TCI) database, consisting of the four internal sections of these articles (approximately 205,187 running words) was complied. The Sketch Engine was used to identify n-grams in the corpus, and three-grams appeared to be pedagogic useful according to their grammatical and semantic relations. Five EAP instructors were invited to select these three word n-grams, contributing to a pedagogically useful list of 289 phrase logical units. The findings indicate that most of the phrase logical patterns primarily performed as �research-oriented bundles�, followed by �text-oriented, stance-oriented bundles, and others category�. Pedagogically, this study sheds light on language use in this research genre and provides more evidence-based instructional practices, especially for advanced language courses targeted at scholarly publications. Index terms- Phraseology, Academic word list, Corpus, Research articles, TCI database.