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Activelearning Management in Daily Mathematics and Statistics Course for Communication Arts Students, Silpakorn University

This research was aimed to 1) study the learning achievement from active learning management in daily mathematics and statistic course, 2) to develop the learning achievement toward the learning achievement standard for higher education, and 3) to evaluate the students’ opinion who studied via active learning management in daily mathematics and statistic course. The 220population was the second year students of communication arts, Silpakorn University, who were studying in semester 1, academic year 2015. Data was statistically analyzed by percentage, mean, and standard deviation. The research findings were that 1) the learning achievement of the students in theory approach gained the standard of curriculum, 2) the learning achievement in daily mathematics and statistics course in overview of 5 approaches was at the level of “high”, 3) the opinion of the students who studied viaactive learning management were that the learning management in daily mathematics and statistic course was useful and valuable to the students. The students studied happily, the activity was fun and not serious to learn. The students gained knowledge and query skill, interaction with friends and instructor. And the students were satisfied with learning evaluation. Keywords- Active Learning, Statistics, Achievement