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Exploring Userís Intention to Post Photos Toward Social Media

The main objective of this paper is to develop and empirically validate a research model on photo posting intention in online social media. This study starts from integrating two key elements of social media, in terms of media functions and social processes. From the standpoint of media functions, we propose that social presence, media richness, and use and gratification in social media influence userís photo posting intention. In social dimension, userís self-disclosure and boast motive in social media influence userís photo posting intention. Moreover, this study validated the impact of photo posting intention on userís social commerce intentions toward social media. Data analysis was carried out to validate our research model, and SmartPLS was used to analyze userís photo posting intention. The results of this study allow scholars on e-commerce to understand userís social commerce intention. The findings also provide useful guideline for social media managers and marketers to realize how to use appropriate strategies to keep usersí loyalty. Index Terms: Social media, Photo posting, Social commerce