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Enhancing Egyptian Entrepreneurship in The Era of Internationalisation

The rapid globalization of world markets has encouraged companies of all sizes and national origins to expand internationally. To benefit from their international expansion, companies need to foster entrepreneurship throughout their operations. This article identifies several challenges companies encounter as they attempt to promote entrepreneurship and discusses ways executives can creatively address them. It shows how managing these challenges can encourage organizational learning of new skills, thereby giving companies new competencies that allow them to profit from their international operations.In this article, we propose that companies can significantly increase the odds of their survival and subsequent success in foreign markets by being entrepreneurial in both domestic and international markets. Entrepreneurship, which embodies both innovation and venturing activities, is crucial to the conception, development and execution of an innovative and effective global strategy that creates value for the company and its shareholders. The next section of the article discusses the relationship between internationalization and a firm's entrepreneurship as well as the potential impact of entrepreneurship in determining a company’s financial performance. The second section identifies key challenges executives frequently encounter in fostering and harvesting entrepreneurship in a globalized firm. Finally, we explore key ways that senior executives can reconcile these challenges and make effective use of entrepreneurship in enhancing the success of their company's international operations.