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Structural Defect Detector Based On Very Low Power, Low Cost, Less Complexity, And Wireless Communication Method

The aim of this work is to develop a wireless low power, low cost acquisition device to communicate and analyze the data which is accumulated from remote structural defects or using this technique for wireless remote monitoring system. The main challenge is to achieve the goal with minimum power consumption, low cost, less complexity and easy to maintain which have been discussed with regards the collecting process of data over a period of times as well as the power consumption rate. In this research a smart PZT sensors that can be used as sensors and actuators to build adaptive and health monitoring aerospace structures associated with two XBee�s of their built in microcontroller and signal generator IC chip to develop a structural defect detector or a monitoring system. Analyzing and monitoring program have been written in MATLAB to read the received serial data directly from the XBee port, and this data have been collected directly by one remote XBee that is attached with the structural body near to couple attached PZT sensors and energized with low capacity battery directly without using extra components, the results show obvious different, in received sensors data, between the two plats under test, one of them has a mechanical defect which is punched with a hole of 4mm diameter size. Index Terms� Low power Wireless Communication, MATLAB, Piezoelectric material (PZT), Structural Defect Detector methods, XBee module, ZigBee.