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When The Muisc Stops: Exploring Critical Media Literacy In Taiwan

The present paper reports how a Taiwanese instructor provided four tasks for 29 students in his English elective course through popular-culture music texts and other learning sources. During each task, students made sense of song lyrics, discussed thought-provoking questions, created a group poster, and exchanged their new perspectives and questions on the school Moodle. Various qualitative data sources were collected to clarify two research concerns: (1) “What were English learners’ perceptions of a critical-literacy course with instruction using popular-culture music texts?”; and (2) “How did students as English learners in Taiwan reflect on their exposure to the 4 tasks implemented in the course?”. This paper has found that developing critical literacy through music texts merits more attention and practice. It is hoped that there will be more educators and researchers in Taiwan who will add a dimension of critical literacy to their teaching and research in the future. Keywords: Critical media literacy, popular-culture music texts, online learning, the EFL classroom.