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Numerical Analysis Of Flameless Combustion Using The Torus Combustion Chamber

The main objective of this research is to design and analyze a low polluting combustion system, in particular the most hazard and common polluting substance, nitric oxide (NOx). In order to reduce the NOx formation through high temperature combustion, flameless oxidation is the solution. The peak combustion temperature is lowered through flameless oxidation and hence suppresses the formation of NOx. The flameless oxidation or combustion is achieved by inducing large amount of exhaust gases recirculation. This project is focused on designing a new combustion chamber to specially cater to optimizing the performance for flameless combustion using various types of fuels, including the biofuel. A torus shaped of combustion chamber is designed and tested on various fuels in both flame and flameless combustion mode. Using the commercialized numerical code; various numerical models were produced to give the insight of the flameless combustion. The numerical models are validated with the experimental data. From both experimental setup and numerical models, the data shows that the thermal NOx formation has been greatly suppressed with the large amount of recirculation due to the torus shaped combustion chamber. Index Terms- Flameless combustion, NOx emissions, Torus chamber, Numerical analysis.