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Impact of Night Mobile Phone Packages on Pakistani Youth

Cell phones have become quite popular in a short time among the younger generations. Cell phones nowadays have become symbol of independence for our youth that mobile phone helps them to develop their own language and social groups away from the prying eyes of their parents. Almost all the cellular companies in Pakistan are offering attractive late night call packages that are quite popular perhaps for the reason that they are easy on the pocket. The use of cell phone had both positive and negative effects on youth. The aim of the present study was to find out the effects of long calls free night packages of mobile phone on rural youth in District Faisalabad. Multistage sampling technique was applied for data collection. At the first stage one tehsil (Tehsil Faisalabad) out of five tehsils was selected randomly, at the second stage two union councils i.e. UC-172 and UC-173 were selected randomly, at the third stage four villages i.e. Chak No. 115/JB and Chak No. 116/JB from UC-172 and Chak No. 190/RB and Chak No. 191/RB from UC-173 were selected randomly and last stage 120 respondents (30 from each village) were selected randomly. Information was gathered through well structured research tool (Interviewing Schedule). To check the accuracy and suitability of research tool, 10 respondents were pretested. After making necessary correction in research tool, final data were collected. Finally data were analyzed through Statistical Package for Social Sciences. A major proportion i.e. 40.0 percent of the respondents was spending up to 2 hours daily on communication on mobile. A large majority of the respondents i.e. 68.3 percent of respondents used mobile phone to keep in contact with their friends and family. Long call night packages had many negative effects on youth i.e. poor sleeping habit (35.0%), less time for education (25.8%) and motivate risky sexual behavior (20.8%). It is suggested that all telecom operators to ban all night call package services with immediate effect. Keywords - Young Generations. Cell Phones Packages, Social Groups