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Why Fake/ Multi-Accounts? An empirical Study of Pakistani Students

People create multiple accounts for different purposes due to the ease of creating Facebook accounts. When Social networking sites (SNSs) claim of achieving certain increased range of users per year, one of possible trigger of this increased ratio can be multi-account or fake account creation which increases active account�s amount by certain range. This creates some threats: such as traffic usage, goodwill, commercially, business-wise, economically etc. to competitors of a particular SNS as people start using that particular site by following the trend. In this paper, a questionnaire based study is conducted from 321 undergraduate and graduate students. They were questioned targeting their early adulthood Facebook usage by focusing on four hypotheses. SPSS results showed correlation between multiple accounts, cyber bullying, foreigner friends and fake accounts. It was extracted that people create multiple accounts either for entertainment or to categorize their social circles, offend others and/or take revenge. Keywords - Social Networking, Fake account threats, cyber bullying