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Employee Life/ Job Satisfaction as Antecedent of Desired Organizational Traits–Evidence From Developing Cultures

This research aimed to fill literature gap by examining if employees’Life Satisfaction (LS) mediates relationship of Job Satisfaction (JS) with Affective Commitment (AC)&Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB)in developing cultures. In light of published literature,variables as well as their inter-relationships were identified to formulate research model as well as four (4) main hypotheses. Data was collected from Public and Private Sector employees of Pakistan utilizing Global Instruments (N=430). As per results yield by inter-variable Correlation and Linear regression,all stated hypotheses were accepted.However, while good fit of research model was tested viaStructural Equation Modeling (SEM), analysis resulted that LS & OCB have insignificant relationship. Moreover, SEM results confirmed that LS not only has indirect positive relationship with OCB via JS & AC but it actually acts as antecedent for JS & AC’s relationship with OCB in developing cultures like Pakistan. Subsequently recommendations, filled literature gaps and implications for future research were stated. Keywords - Job Satisfaction (JS), Life Satisfaction (LS), Affective Commitment (AC), Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB), Public Sector, Private Sector