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Life Cycle Cost Evaluation of a Structure With Steel Slit Damper and Hybrid Damper

Recently, application of smart materials in field of earthquake engineering is widely studied to enhance the seismic performance of structures. In this study, the potential of Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) based hybrid damper is investigated through Life Cycle Cost (LCC) evaluation. The hybrid energy dissipation device is developed by attaching SMA bars to conventional steel slit damper. The seismic performance is carried out by calculating life cycle cost for ordinary moment resisting frame (OMRF) and compared with the LCC of structure when equipped with hybrid damper and steel slit damper. The probabilities of reaching various damage states are obtained by fragility analysis using precise but more rigorous method of incremental dynamic analysis (IDA) and then compared with recently proposed method of approximate fragility curve (AFC). Secondly, Life cycle cost (LCC) of the structures are calculated through simplified method of localized incremental dynamic analysis (LIDA) and compared with LCC calculated through conventional method. The analysis revealed that the LCC of structure equipped with hybrid damper is least because the probabilities of reaching limit states are minimized, even though the initial construction cost is higher than original structure and structure with steel slit damper. An analysis model of a slit damper and SMA bar with superelastic capability is developed using various link elements in SAP2000 software. Keywords - life cycle cost, shape memory alloy, seismic engineering, fragility analysis, hybrid dampers, self-centering