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The Development of The Cultural and Creative Brand Image of Miaoli Ceramics

In recent years, many countries including Taiwan have realized that the cultural and creative soft power is essential to the development of a country. A lot of county and city governments of Taiwan are engaged in the development of cultural and creative industry due to the promotion of the national development strategy. The purpose of this study is to construct the brand image of the cultural and creative industry in Miaoli. In addition, the cultural design components of ceramics were extracted in the hope that those extracted components can connect the image with consumers, and the local brand may further boost the economic growth of ceramics industry in Miaoli. Both qualitative and quantitative studies were used in the present study. The expert interviews were utilized to explore the components of the culture and craft works in the ceramics industry. The AHP (analytic hierarchy process) was applied to assess the consumers in order to construct each priority of the components and therefore ideal brand name was suggested. The findings suggest that Miaoli Wood-fired Ceramics came out as local ceramics brand image, which highlights the cultural and creative brands of ceramics in Miaoli and forms the regional characteristics to achieve industrial cluster. Furthermore, the findings suggest attributive (aesthetic, nature, simplicity, purity) and emotional (Hakka culture, feeling expressions, nostalgia, praise) components for ceramics designs in Miaoli. The extractive components provide creativity references for pottery designers, and therefore forms a pottery characteristic of Miaoli and enhance the promotion of local brand images. Keywords- Culture and Creative Industry, Miaoli, Ceramics, Place Branding