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Revitalizing Partnership Between Indonesia and Saudi Arabia: Moderate Moslem�s Perspective in Promoting Peace and Cooperation For Mutual Benefits

Indonesia-Saudi ties were initiated formally in 1948 with the establishment of the Indonesian Embassy in Jeddah and, two years later, with a Saudi representative office in Jakarta that was eventually turned into a formal embassy in 1955. It is important to note the Kingdom was among the first countries to have recognized Indonesia�s independence in 1945. The bilateral relations between the two countries which are based on a number of common factors and recalled that the Kingdom was among the first countries to have recognized Indonesia�s independence in 1945, confirming the Kingdom�s hope to see more development and enhancement of the strong relations between the two sisterly countries. Naturally, bilateral trade has reflected the predominance of energy in trade between the two countries. However, in recent years, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia has agreed to double their bilateral trade value by 2020, as the two countries believe they have a lot of potential for expansion. This qualitative study shows that beside economic relations and cooperation, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia maintain considerably strong religious and cultural links with each other. The Saudi government-backed Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies (LIPIA) in Jakarta was founded in 1987 with close affiliations to the University of Imam Mohammed Bin Saud. It is estimated that over 8,500 students have graduated from the institute. The historical link between Indonesia and Saudi Arabia was Islam. Numerous Muslim traders and Ulama arrived in the Indonesian archipelago from the Arab World during the coming of Islam around the 13th century. It is necessary to revitalize relationship between both countries due to the changing nature of international politics and threat. Keywords- Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Revitalization, Religion