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The Impact of Management Information System in Supporting Managers For Decision Making in an Organization

The Management Information System is a collection of men, tools, procedures and software to perform various business tasks at various levels in the organization. Many organizations have separate MIS departments which are involved in maintaining records, performing transactions, report generations and consolidation of the important information which will be supplied to the various levels of the management. Management Information System (MIS) provides information for the managerial activities in an Organization. Management Information System (MIS) is basically concerned with processing data into information and is then communicated to the various Departments in an organization for appropriate decision-making. Managers play a key role in any organization. They are responsible for taking decisions appropriate to the need of the market. Information systems have become the main tool used by managers in decision making. Mangers perceive information as the driving force to achieve success in any business. The information system is the mechanism to ensure that information is available to the managers in the form they want it and when they need it. The main purpose of this research is, MIS provides accurate and timely information necessary to facilitate the decision-making process and enable the organizations planning, control, and operational functions to be carried out effectively. Keywords- Management Information Systems (MIS), Organization, Decision Making.