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Investigating Various Motivational Elements That Impact Wedding Destinations (Event Venue) Selections

The aim of this study was to investigate various motivational elements that impact wedding destinations (event venue) selections among Egyptians couples. The study concentrated on four dimensions of the push factors (fulfilling prestige, escaping daily routine, seeking relaxation, and enhancing relationship) and five dimensions of the pull factors (events and activities, easy access and affordability, history and culture, natural resources, and destination marketing). The researchers hypothesized that each push and pull factor impact wedding destinations selections. A quantitative research approach, the distribution of administrated questionnaires was used to collect the data. The selected participants were decision makers for wedding venues; they include wedding couples, parents, relatives, and friends who are involved in the decision making process and who were at least 18 years of age. This study used the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) version 18 software to analyze the collected data. The researchers applied various the descriptive statistics and analyses to identify the relationships between the variables in each hypothesis. Overall, the results indicated that the variables with the strongest contribution, impacting the decision makersí wedding destination selection, are successively: destination marketing, fulfilling prestige, escaping daily routine, and easy access/ affordability of packages. This outcome can help wedding tourism practitioners to comprehend the main factors to focus on when promoting a destination as a wedding venue. With this knowledge, they would know better on how to build an attractive image and improve marketing efforts to maximize the local resources. Key words: Destinations Selections, Event Venue, Pull Factors, Push Factors, Travel Motivation, Wedding Tourism