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Toward Component-Based Development Process For Modeling Language Evaluation

The evaluation of software architectures is crucial to ensure that the design of software systems meets the requirements. In recent years component-based development has in recent years become an established approach. Component-based Software Engineering (CBSE) that deals with the entire lifecycle of component-based products has been focused on technologies related to design and implementation of software components and systems built from software components. The experience has shown that pure technologies alone are not enough. A CBSE approach requires certain changes in development and life cycle processes. However very few CBSE works, either research or practical, have addressed these topics. This paper presents a component-based approach to build a modeling language evaluation process. We firstly define a process components repository that capitalizes and implements solutions for modeling language evaluation. Basic prerequisites are discussed and an overview of different architectural views is given, which can be utilized for the evaluation process. On this basis, we outline the general process of evaluating software architectures and provide a taxonomy of existing evaluation methods. To illustrate the evaluation of software architectures in practice, we present some of the methods in detail. Keyword- Architecture, process component; Life cycle processes, modeling language; evaluation; component model; reuse; components repository.