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A Fuzzy Logic Analysis of E-Commerce Website Quality Factors for Customers� Purchase Intention

The increasing rate of online purchasing has resulted in the emergence of novel economical activities. It is essential to comprehend consumers' intention to achieve highly competitive advantages offered by e-commerce. Understanding what motivates consumers is crucial because such motivation is of paramount importance to succeed in this hypercompetitive and fast-paced environment. Business-to-Consumer (B2C) e-commerce is one of the various types of e-commerce, which has turned into an influential key to retailing channel. Using fuzzy logic method, this paper was aimed to find out the importance of key factors affecting the consumers� intention to purchase on B2C e-commerce websites. Findings can help researchers and decision makers to determine the factors that can satisfy consumers when using an e-commerce and persuade them to do online purchase. To achieve the objectives of this study, fuzzy logic was employed to effectively assess the factors. The outcome of the proposed system helps shopping websites managers and service providers to know the real level of the factors� importance, which in turn helps them improve their website quality. Keywords- Fuzzy Logic, B2C Websites, Intention to Purchase, Electronic Commerce.