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Factors Predicting Unethical Work Behaviour Among Organizational Employees

Aim: The research was carried out to examine the influence of financial strain and personality factors on unethical work behaviours among organizational employees. Design: The study utilized which is based on a cross-sectional correlational design. Method: Three hundred and seventeen employees comprising of 178 (56.2%) males and 129 (40.7%) females with age ranging between 22 to 55 years participated in the study. Standardized measures of personality inventory, financial strain survey and unethical behaviour questionnaires were used. The main hypotheses were analysed using multiple regression analysis. Results: The study findings results showed that, the personality factors of agreeableness, neuroticism and openness to experience contributed significantly to unethical work behaviours. Financial strain and age were also found to have significant relationship with unethical work behaviour while no significant findings between gender and unethical work behaviour. Conclusion: Findings were discussed in line with the literature while implication human resources management and the need for clear strategic policy in recruitment and training program of employees were suggested. Keywords- personality factors, financial strains, unethical work behavior