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A Formal Approach for Matching and Ranking Context-Dependent Services

Service-oriented computing (SOC) is shaping the future of distributed computing and enterprise application development. In SOC, service provider and requester are the main interacting elements. Due to the vast volume of services, it is overwhelming for requesters to select the service that suits the requester and provider context. Consequently, there is a need for a ranking process that takes into consideration the rich features of services, the context of the service provider and requester to enhance the relevance of the top of the ranking result. This work studies the state of the art of the ranking process in service-oriented architecture, and context awareness. Also, it investigates recommender system. Besides, we formalize the criteria to model and rank context features and non-context features using logic and set theory . This work proposes a formal architecture for matching and ranking context-dependent services. We present a real-world case study on King Abdullah Scholarship Program (KASP) and show how to rank context universities/programs and to evaluate the proposed architecture. Keywords´┐Ż Service ranking; Context-aware; Archtecture.