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Differences in Standing Balance Ability By Aging With Kinect and Wii Balance Board

This study assessed the balance differences among the three groups (healthy young(HO), healthy middle age(HM), healthy elderly(HO)) with varying balance abilities by using the Kinect camera sensor(Kinect) and Wii balance board(WBB). The subjects were performed quiet standing that eyes open and barefoot, directly on the surface of WBB for the purpose of balance ability evaluation. This paper studied the difference in balance ability according to age groups, healthy young group, healthy middle aged group and healthy older group using Kinect and WBB. Results showed that since the subjects were selected for those have BBS ≥ 52 and the task for this experiment without visual, vestibular and somatosensory perturbation was relatively simple, it is believed that the center of pressure movement by WBB was not significantly different between groups and significant differences in the center of mass movement by Kinect between groups. The standing balance can be measured quantitatively using Kinect and WBB which are affordable and portable. Keywords- Balance ability, Kinect camera sensor, Wii balance board, Body sway