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Related Learning Experience Performance of Nursing Students And Practices of Clinical Instructors on Three – Day And Five - Day Schemes

This research study emphasizes the performance of nursing students in the clinical area and determines whether the length of the days of exposure in clinical area can enhance the student’s psychomotor learning.The method used in this study was descriptive. T-test was used to determine the difference between performance of the students on a three-day and five-day scheme and common themes to find out practices of the clinical instructor.Majority of the students have satisfactory performance in both schemes. There was no significant difference on the performance of the students who undertook the 5-day scheme and 3-day scheme. The length of time provides opportunities for continuity of nursing care plan for the patient and enhancement of skills among students. Furthermore, the result shows that length of exposure in the clinical area does not affect the performance of nursing students. Keywords-nursing education research, psychomotor learning, nursing RLE practices, three- day scheme, five- day scheme, Cebu City Philippines