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Role of Investment Decisions on Success of Ministry of Sciences and Technology Projects In Iraq

A good Investment decisions are always the result of high intention, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives. A good decision is the process of optimally achieving a given objectives. The critical role of investment decisions techniques in promoting good investment projects making is stressed throughout series; indeed it is the main driving force behind the series. Each element of investment project from developing a strategic together in the final investment decision making stage is to achieve the selection of the best project. Good investment decision making should not rely on chance but on a full and informed consideration of all the relevant factors influencing the outcome. Choosing the appropriate decision making tool which gives guidance on economic-based on investment decisions making. If all significant factors in the project appraisal can be satisfactorily expressed in monetary terms, then benefit – cost considerations are the most appropriate basis for decision making. The benefit of such decision making is that it is founded. The aim: This research aiming to test the relation and effect between investment decisions and success of public investment Projects of Ministry of Sciences and Technology (MoST) in Iraq. This study emphasizes the investment decisions are required to create a good Investment Projects for Ministry of Sciences and Technology in Iraq. To solve study’s problem and achieve of its objectives, researchers adopted Hypothesis “There is significant effect between the investment decisions and Public Projects investment success”. This research depended on financial and statistical tools in analysis; (Arithmetic Means, Percentage, and Standard Deviations for measuring levels of importance, correlation coefficient and simple linear regression for testing the hypotheses of the research). Then the study leads to many results, the most important are that the Ministry of Sciences and Technology believes that good investment decisions enhance the Projects investment success, there is a strong homogeneous between these variables and that indicates the sample ,and Ministry of Science and Technology adopt the philosophy of its leaders must makes a good investment decisions and focus on the Effectiveness index to achieve successfully investment Projects, also depending on the conclusions the study concluded a set of recommendations, the most important is The Ministry of Sciences and Technology should place more prominence on intelligence-related information for investment decision makers; however, a greater dispersion across all levels is required. Keywords- Investment Decisions, Managing of The Project, Public Projects Investment.