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Computerized Accounting System Effect on Performance of Entrepreneurs in South Western Nigeria

Accounting plays a critical role in the success or failure of entrepreneurs and the advent of Technologies across the globe has altered the norm of the game and expectations of the new mode of economics activities. Improvements in this technology have replaced manual bookkeeping systems with computerized ones. This paper assessed whether implementation of Computerized Accounting System has positive influence on the performance of entrepreneurs in South western Nigeria. The population of the study comprises of list of 7474 registered small and Medium businesses in South West Nigeria.(Bureau of Statistic 2012). random sampling technique will be adopted for the study. The sample size of 380 were mathematically derived using the Taro Yamene´┐Żs formula, 301 questionnaire were received and useful for the study representing 79% of the total sample size. Data collected were coded and analysed using frequency table and percentage while inferential statistic such as chi-square and regression analysis was used to test the formulated hypotheses. Finding from the study indicate that advancement in technology has become a driver to business success . Evidence from findings reveal that Computerized Accounting Systems are used by entrepreneurs in order to generate timely and accurate reports through a fast and efficient processing of accounting data. it was observed that adoption of Computerized Accounting Systems by entrepreneurs is based on the efficient and effectiveness of the system toward entrepreneur operations. It was also observed that, there are numerous benefits both financial and non-financial which are derived from the use of a Computerized Accounting System. The result of tested hypotheses(X2-Cal>X2-Tab; Prob>F=0.000; R2=68%; AdjR2=67%)show that computerized accounting system significantly related to entrepreneur performance and positively influence Entrepreneur performance. The study is expected to be extremely significance to Entrepreneur development in the arouse of e-commerce. Keywords: Entrepreneur; Technological Innovation; Computerized Accounting System; Performance; E-Commerce.