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Ar� ka � yan? (praying kor to hor in thai language

Language learning is important for making human understanding in learning of other science. Human had learned from the mother tongue as their first language then further to learn other languages. In Thailand, Language learning among children started from primary education or Kor Kai to Hornokhook or called Ar � ka � yanKor � Horchicken. The primary curriculum had used Montessori curriculum. If considered, we found Montessori curriculum did not teach any academic content much like Thailand, but focused for children to play and learn from an environment while development of their physic and mental therefore they could ready for learning in higher levels. For Thai children, we found some of them could not read and write or even cannot remember all 44 alphabets. Therefore it can be doubted as What is Ar � ka � yan. Key Words- Thai Praying (Ar� ka � yan), Thai Language, Curriculum and Instruction