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Green Economy And Turkey

Green economy means increasing social wealth and decreasing the level of environmental risks and ecological famine. Main target of Green Economy Initiative, started at the end of the 2008 under the leadership of United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), is environmental greening and supplying the support for the investments and analyses that are planned for green sectors. According to UNEP either “green economy” will consist of standout environmental values and based on sustainable energy or traditional “brown economy”, which has low productivity and uses energy resources that are not sustainable , will continue and the same problems will reoccur. Main idea by the green economy is that efficient usage of existing resources as well as waste materials that is created during the usage processes, in short, positive externalities are meant to be to be underlined. Today, there is increasing competition for access to biological capacity. It is not be able to guarantee the supply of natural resources over time. The leading countries that have chosen to understand the availability, limits and dependence of natural resources, will be the country that can guarantee the welfare of its citizens and the wealth of the country. Key Words- Green Economy, Environment, Sustainable Energy, Turkey