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Sustainable Consumption

In the beginning of human history humans only consumed what was taken from the nature. As the population increased production and commerce started. With the industrial revolution globalization market grew. However nature that has been damaged through all these activities, started to give alarm. Today, this situation has become a threat to our tomorrow and the sustainability of life. Eventually, this has turned back on humans as environmental problems such as global warming, climate change, damaged ecosystems etc. In this path �effective, conscious and sensible usage of limited resources� is one of the protection measures. In this framework it is important to ensure �Sustainable Production and Consumption�. Scientists point out that the most important cause of global warming as the greenhouse gasses that are emitted into the atmosphere during the production and consumption activities. Global warming is caused by different activities of humans: 49% is energy usage for various consumption activities, 24% is caused by industrialization, 14% is caused by deforestation and 13% is caused by agriculture. Today, environmental problems such as global warming and climate changes that emerged as a result of rapid increase in production and consumption, has brought about concepts of �sustainability� and �productivity�. According to this �productivity� is not a concept of outputs and inputs but rather a concept that should contain the principle of �environmentally respectable and sustainable�. In this context production should be made sustainably in order to meet unconscious consumption. Keywords- Sustainability, productivity, sustainable consumption