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Atm ( Autodidacticism Method Teaching ) Apps: Interactive Learning Method For Students Preparation Before Having Class

Autodidact or Self-taught is a way of learning that naturally existing in the private figure. Students will set personal achievement, responding to what is required, failure and curiosity. They look for and involved in things that can help them to learn and seek feedback to monitor their progress and improve their performance. However, the education system that we have today are not yet supporting tens of millions of students in Indonesia with adequate facilities, so that it can erode their natural motivation indirectly. TEMA Apps implementation of multimedia-based learning to ensure equal distribution of teachers and quality of education for elementary-high school. applications can be installed and run on certain electronic devices. This application has been obtained in a flash that will be distributed free to all schools. In it there are many options the subject matter and simulation questions that have been filled by Tutor-tutor TEMA. In addition, the use of language that is exciting so that students more easily understand and produce interactive learning. implementation of this method will be done with a technique that is applicable to long-term and consistent. Such techniques can be done by implementing the two concepts TEMA Concentrated and Inclusive Concept are done constantly and evaluation of the implementation is done. Of course, in implementing this method will be found obstacles or challenges such as the difficulty of working with the relevant parties in the implementation of the method TEMA. Keywords- Autodidact, System, Learning, Methode