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Halal Town as Innovation For Tourism

Today, the need for recreation or sightseeing becomes a major need for any individual as a place to relieve fatigue from routine work. The need for this tour can not be separated from the cultural variations and rules of the tourist attractions. Cultures and plicies relating to the rules of the majority religion of the area. We all know that every religion has rules and prohibitions respectively. When someone wants to visit a place in which religion the individual is a minority religion, then automatically a lot of things that region contains some different things with conviction and the person must follow the rules applied. From that point on, this causes inconvenience in the tour. It is undeniable that every faith has their own rules, there are certain things that are forbidden to do. For example, Muslim tourists who want to visit the majority of non-Muslim countries, there will be some things in Islam are forbidden to be done or consumed. When is allowed continuously, then the interest to be reduced because they traveled inconvenience. So, we have to find a solution to have a deal with this phenomena. This paper offers you a solution in line with the increasing number of Muslims who become tourists to countries the majority of non-Muslims. This paper offers you a concept called halal tourism with many advantages contained which is can not only be friendly to Muslim travelers only, but travelers can also benefit non-Muslims. With the halal tourism, then this will be the first step for a big impact. Broadly speaking, the concept of halaltourism include things that are fundamentally set in Islam. These things like fields in life such as finance, ethics in society, health, food and others. But although generally all the fields were arranged in accordance with the basis of Islamic law, this concept not limit for the person's religion or beliefs other than Muslims not to use the facility or place berkonsepkan halal tourism. Everyone has the right to use the premises and facilities is halal tourism, because basically the concept of halal tourism is not about religion, but about things - good things that exist in people's lives in this world. Keywords: Halal, tourism, halal tourism, halal park