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Design And Implementation Of Pc Based Vehicle Control System For Safety

The transportation system becomes more and more important all over the world. In our country, many people injured due to the accidents on Yangon-Mandalay highway. The causes of car accidents are both driver�s faults and road construction. To reducethis phenomenon some safety system such as alarm and alert system, obstacle detection system, traction sensing circuit and signboard should be used on the buswith display system for both driver and passengers.Although the signboards have been placed in some dangerous places on highway, there is a chance for accident when bad weather condition occurs. Moreover,the sensing values and seat-belt status for all passengers should also be displayed. This design is implemented using microcontroller PIC18F4550, microcontroller Arduino Pro Mini, RF transmitter module, receiver module, personal computer GUI, varioussensors, Liquid Crystal Display and Alarm and Alert System. The bus system is emphasized on PC based control system which is reliable from several view point such as stability, temperature dependence, comfort, smart and safety for all passengers. The GUI is also designed using C# programming language. Index Terms�ADXL345 accelerometer, Arduino Pro Mini, Microcontroller, PC based control system