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The Position of Accounting and Taxing in Prosperity and The Growth of Economic

Economic development normally brings with it positive consequences, including these, rising the living standards of the people in the society, promote international supervision, establishment of economic relations among the countries and increasing the productive capacity of the countries that have relative superiority. On the other hand, the absence of Natural Resources, the lack of skilled needed human force, such as managers, skilled workers, lack of the consistant policy, existing of untrustable exclusive market and information financial systems, are some factors that cause degradation or stop in economic development. Extending the economic development and growth programs in the country is of great importance. For right exploiting from the huge set investments in different economical parts and rapid rate in development and growth, it's very important to provide proper right on time information that implementation of proper accounting systems can provide and present a big part of this information, specially financial information. Keywords´┐Ż Economy, Economic Development, Auditing, Accounting, Tax.