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Automatic Time Compensation System For Dispenser Control Unit Depending On Temperature

This paper intends to construct and design of the automatic time compensation system of dispenser control unit depending on temperature. The fuel volume increases at the temperature above 60ᵒF and decreases at the temperature under it. In dispenser control system of retail fuel station, the customers cannot get the exact fuel amount because of weather condition. So the purpose of the research paper is to give a solution to this problem for both customer and dealer. The system will not use any flow rate sensors to measure the fuel flow rate. The fuel amount is controlled by time. Calculation of total time taken for specified fuel amount is considered with effects on not only temperature compensation but also delay time. The time is calculated by using the changed values of volumetric mass density and the flow rate of the pump is considered in this system. In order to control the time taken, MikroC is used for software implementation of the system. PIC16F877A is used as a controller to control the time taken for each data representation customer requests from the keypad and LCD (liquid crystal display) is also used as display unit in this system. And then computer is also used as a control station by using VB.Net. Keywords: time compensation system, fuel flow rate, controller, and software