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Impacts of Welding on Environmental Problems and Health and Solutions to Overcome These Problems

According to scientific progress and industrialization, engineering sciences and processes have significant progress in all the areas. There are important problems because of this progress in addition to the advantages such as life simplicity, life quality improvement and many other advantages. Environmental problems are one of the main problems due to the rapid development of engineering technologies. Therefore, nowadays environment should enter on different the field of engineering, and it should control, guide and develop these processes according to the specific principles and effects of these processes on environment and health. According to the nature and used equipment, welding is a job with the major impact on environment and human health. Released fume in welding, is a combination of various and fine particles such as carbon monoxide, silicates and so on. Welding fume analysis showed this fume is rich in toxic and hazardous compounds. On the other hand, medical investigations proved, welders are in serious danger of acute and chronic respiratory diseases. The problems are not limited to the respiratory diseases only. In this regard, it can be noted some problems such as suffocation, skin diseases, visual disturbances, many long-term negative effects and environmental problems due to the welding fume. It is very painful that many welders don�t know anything about these problems, and the suffered from irrecoverable effects because this lack of awareness. The goal of this paper is creating awareness about welding effects on the health and environment; furthermore, it proposed some solutions to overcome these dangers. Keywords� Welding, Fume, Environmental problems, Health dangers.