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CFD Analysis Of Virtual Surgery For Patient With Chronic Sinusitis

This paper focuses on performing virtual surgery on pre-operation nasal cavity model of patient with chronic sinusitis and evaluate the effects of virtual surgery on the patient�s nasal airflow. Advancement in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) allows better observation of human nasal airflow and opens up various opportunities for treatment planning. The application of CFD was used to construct numerical simulations of nasal airflows for the pre and post virtual surgical models. Patient with chronic sinusitis was selected and three-dimensional nasal model was constructed based on CT scans. A virtual surgery was performed via manual modifications on the disease nasal model using CATIA V5 software. The results and effects of the virtual surgery on the nasal airflow were analyzed and compared with standardized nasal model. Pre and post virtual surgery conditions of the patient can be studied through various data collections such as cross sectional areas, average velocity magnitudes, velocity contours and streamlines. The analysis of the virtual surgery model shows satisfying results as the average velocity magnitudes match closely with standardized model with the differences of less than 30% at middle region. The findings highlight the potential usefulness of CFD-generated numerical simulation as a pre-operative assisting tool in surgical treatment planning for chronic diseases. Keywords� CFD, Computational Analysis, Chronic Sinusitis, Nasal Airflow & Virtual Surgery.