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Transient Analysis of Bridges Under Impulse Loading Using The Finite Prism Formulation

In the present work the finite prism formulation was employed for the transient analysis of bridges under suddenly applied pulse loading. In this method a combinationof the finite element method representing the cross section of the prism and Fourier series suitably chosen to represent the behavior of prism in the longitudinal direction (which satisfies the simply supported boundary conditions at the ends), is used. Explicit time integration scheme was used for solving the equation of motion for the bridge. In the present work the damping was neglected in the formulation of the equation of motion of bridges. This render is used to avoid the solution of global system of equations, because each equation becomes uncoupled with other equations. One of the main aspects in the present work is the coupling of the explicit solution technique of the equation of motion with the harmonic solution, using the finite prism method for the problem of bridges under suddenly applied pulse loading. The present results agree closely with the results available in the literature for plates. Keywords´┐Ż Finite prism Method, Transient Analysis, Impulsive Loads, Sudden Loads, Pulse Shape, Pulse Duration, Explicit Time Integration Scheme.