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Analysis Of Acquisition And Tracking Algorithms For Software GNSS Receivers

GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receivers become popular and have been used widely in both civilian and military for navigation, timing and other position related applications. In this paper, the most suitable signal acquisition algorithm for software GNSS receivers is explored based on the platform of MATLAB simulation. Moreover, analysis and comparison of different discriminator functions for signal tracking process are also described. The soft-GNSS receiver includes hardware and software portions. Hardware portion includes an antenna, a RF front-end and an ADC. Software portion for signal processing that runs on PC contains acquisition process, tracking process and navigation process. The test signal is taken from N-FUELS (Full Educational Library of Signals for Navigation) signal simulator which generates digitized intermediate frequency (IF) signal. In this paper, GPS (Global Positioning System) signal is used to analyse and simulate the algorithms. The performance of acquisition and tracking functions can be affected by the value of C/No ratio where C denotes the signal power and No is the noise spectral density. Keywordsó acquisition, discriminator function, GNSS, software GNSS receiver, signal simulator, tracking