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Calibration of Bridge Deck Deterioration Modelusing Non-Destructive Evaluation

Performance of highway bridge decks should be monitored with special care especially in the regions where deteriorating conditions weaken the deck capacity with time. Bridge deterioration model is a powerful tool to predict the performance of bridge structural elements based on the results of visual inspections and Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) e.g. Ground Penetrating Radar test (GPR). In this research, a system reliability based deterioration model for a simply-supported reinforced concrete bridge deck is developed and calibrated. The structural conditions of deck structural elements are applied in a non-linear Finite Element model while system level reliability indices are estimated accordingly. Primary deterioration model for the deck is first developed for the uniformly contaminated concrete deck. Afterwards, the developed primary degradation model is updated based on a GPR test localized defect map. This article demonstrates the procedure for development and calibration of system reliability based deterioration model of reinforced concrete bridge decks. Index Terms´┐ŻDeterioration Model, Ground Penetrating Radar test (GPR), Reliability, reinforced concrete bridge deck.