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Palmxplore: Oil Palm Gene Database

With the recent publication of the oil palm genome sequence, a high quality gene predictions and functional annotations are deemed important to gain an in-depth understanding of the crop. A set of Elaeis guineensis (EG) genes had been generated by integrating two gene-prediction pipelines: FGENESH++ from Softberry and Seqping by Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB). To facilitate the efficient management and data retrieval of these oil palm gene predictions, an information system called PalmXplore was developed. PalmXplore provides a responsive and user-friendly web interface to facilitate efficient and comprehensive search, and browsing. Presently, PalmXplore contains 26,087 high confidence set of oil palm genes. Information deposited in PalmXplore includes predicted genes, location on the oil palm genome and their associated annotations derived from external databases such as Pfam, Gene Ontology and KEGG. Similarly, information on the gene related to important traits, such as composition of fatty acids and disease resistance were also included. The system also offers data analysis options, such as BLAST search and oil palm genome browser (MYPalmViewer, MYPalmViewer was developed to allow researchers to visually inspect and explore the information on the oil palm genome. PalmXplore was developed as part of MPOB's Oil Palm Genome Project. The database can be accessed at or via Keywords: Oil Palm Gene Database, Gene Prediction, Oil Palm Genome, Oil Palm Genome Browser, Elaeis guineenis.