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Exploring The Effectiveness of Pre-Service Special Education Teacher Preparation Program in Accordance With CEC Standards- Kuwait

The present study aimed toexplore the effectiveness of pre-service special education teacher preparation program in accordance with CEC standards in the State of Kuwait.In order to achieve the study objective, an exploratory and descriptive approach have been conducted to gain a deeper understanding of the current practicethrough determining the effectiveness of the program modules in providing students with teaching competencies in the light of the professional practice standards approved by the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) in the United States, from student viewpoint. In the study, a questionnaire drawn up according to the professional practice standards was used as a tool for data collection. In its final form, the questionnaire consisted of (87) sections distributed in five domains, which are: DemographicInformation Planning and Designing of Instruction Classroom Management Implementation of Teaching Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness). The study sample consists of (26) graduated students and (40) students joined field training course.The following framework illustrates the relationship between the research questions, instruments and data analysis.